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December 11, 2007



[this is good] Just thinking about this makes me happy to be on the west coast.

David McCreath

[this is good] We can attest to the goodness of this technique. It's far, far superior to strap-on cleats, and it doesn't ruin the sole of the shoe (although I suppose you could use a too-long screw and puncture an air pocket if you shoes have them). HOWEVER it's important to stress that this is for PACKED snow and ice. If you have black ice or that awful stuff that happens when you have a quick rain/freeze cycle so the streets are like a freshly-zambonied rink, they are only marginally better than shoes with nothing in them.

Our weather has been so screwed up this season that tonight I'm going to REI to try on a pair of IceBugs. If they fit decently I'm going to get them. I just hope they don't run narrow. I bit it pretty hard on Sunday before I gave in a strapped on my grippers, but even then I couldn't kick enough to get my pace much below 10:00 or 9:45.


Oooh, thanks for extra info Dave! So far this year, there hasn't been a need for the "screw shoe" technique, but I remain hopeful that we'll see some real snow. 

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