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May 10, 2012



You can turn off the unread email count badge. Settings > Notifications > Mail > Badge App Icon (off). Should work the same for the Gmail app.

Apps: Cinemagram, Connectrode, Last Rocket, Scorekeeper, Zombies Run!, FlightTrack, Calcbot, Tweetbot, Weightbot, Instacast. And people who use Gmail heavily seem to like Sparrow.

Don't forget to turn Find My iPhone on, and to lock it down: http://blogs.channel4.com/benjamin-cohen-on-technology/the-lessons-i-learnt-from-my-iphone-mugging/3658


Oh, and Ride the City. The web version is broken in Mobile Safari, but the app works great.


And Reeder, if you're into the whole RSS thing.

David Jacobs

I replaced my iPhone last week (don't ask), and I am doing things a little differently. I have all notifications off except for Messages, and I actually left Mail off my phone as well. Why I need to check mail, I just do so in the browser.

Other apps I recommend (all on my home screen): Strategery, Soulver, TaskPaper, Tweetbot. Chartbeat's app is really good. I second the recommendation of the Last Rocket as well.


David - I found a case for your new phone!

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